I Have A Yellow Warning

The yellow warning in the dashboard signifies some issue along the steps towards installing the new log. Most commonly there are 3 issues that cause this:

  1. The log is throwing an exception
  2. The file is not imported
  3. You're using unwrapped python decorators.

The log is throwing an exception

What's inside the {bracket} notation in your logs are full valid python expressions that can throw errors. Often these errors are something as benign as a misspelled variable, but it's possible to throw more complicated errors.

To fix this look more carefully into what exactly you're logging.

The file is not imported

If you're trying to add a log statement to a python function that is never imported, inquest will attempt to find that function, fail, and then report it as a yellow warning.

You're using unwrapped decorators

When we're modifying a python function that's behind a decorator we use the decorator's metadate to find the original function. Specifically through the __wrapped__ attribute.

This error should only be a concern if you wrote the decorator yourself, most popular python libraries implement decorators with wraps.

The __wrapped__ attribute doesn't get set automatically. Instead, to add the attribute you need to use a function from the python standard library.

More on that in the python standard library docs